Kerry's Place


Barrie Volkswagen is proud to support Kerry's Place Autism Services, offering comprehensive services and support to those with Autism Spectrum Disorder who have reached adulthood.

Here is a summary of the Kerry's Place Programs we help support:

Adult Leisure Group
Provide opportunities for adults with ASD to meet others who share common interests, strengths, aspirations, and personal goals.  

Skill Building Group
Offer adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder the opportunity to learn about navigating the social world in a small group setting, with focus on improving conversation skills, building relationships and understanding the unwritten rules of social interactions.

Weekend Day and Residential Respite:
Respite to families or caregivers supporting an adult at home with a diagnosis of ASD. 

Job Readiness Programs:
Provide didactic and hands-on training to develop skills in the areas of résumé development, interviewing skills, engaging the public and performing meaningful, long-lasting work.  

Travel Training Program:
Provide readiness training and community-based coaching to independently travel using public transit systems.

Kerry's Place Autism Services aspires to offer additional services including:

• group and online dating forum
• regional sports league for adults with ASD including soccer and baseball
• hobby club for adults
• in-house shop to sell their goods and wares
• post-secondary life-skills education program

Your donations enable Kerry's Place to enhance the quality of life of people with ASD. Kerry's Place truly appreciates every thoughtful donation and your generosity.

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